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Code for the Kingdom


Code for the Kingdom is a weekend hackathon and ongoing ecosystem where global issues are tackled from a Christian perspective.

Each year around the world, incredible groups of individuals gather together to apply their skills and experiences in order to advance common good and serve God’s Kingdom. In collaboration with innovative nonprofits and churches, we write code and create technology to help release the oppressed, teach God’s Word, heal the sick, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and support the church and the body of Christ.

In 2018 more than 100 people gathered in Seattle to invent solutions to challenges in community development, helping children with disabilities, homelessness and much more.

In May 2019, Code for the Kingdom Seattle plans to gather technologists around Seattle and the Eastside for 24 hours to invent new technologies to address significant issues facing our world from a Christian perspective.

The vision of Code for the Kingdom is an inspiring foretaste of God's Kingdom where believers work together to use their gifts in technology, design, entrepreneurship, and every other discipline to deliver amazing and creative solutions that demonstrate the love of Christ for the world.

If this vision resonates with your passion and values, would you partner with us to further the impact of technologists for the Kingdom? There are a numerous ways you can be part of this movement. Here are just a few immediate steps we invite you to consider taking:

  1. Come participate in the May Code for the Kingdom Seattle to get started

  2. Join our meetup Seattle Christian Technologists and Entrepreneurs to stay connected

  3. Give financially for the Code for the Kingdom event and stay informed Donate HERE

If you have questions, reach Eric. We’d love to talk with you!

Best regards,

Eric Gan & Chris Lim
For the 2019 Code for the Kingdom Seattle Team


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