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About This Fundraiser

The website required yearly funding for things like hosting, ssl certificates, plugins, backups, and other technical support. Giving to this fundraiser helps cover those costs. Thank you for your support of the

Known yearly costs:
- Website Hosting: $1000 per year
- SSL security certificate: $200 per year

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About Zume Project

The ZUME Project : Little Tools for BIG IMPACT in the Kingdom

Helping ordinary people make a big impact for the Kingdom of God by obeying and implementing the Great Commission and Great Commandment.

Our  Vision
Make disciples in every census tract in the United States, using an online and in
person training platform focused on equipping participants in the basic disciple-making and simple church planting multiplication principles, processes, and practices.

Only 1% of church leaders say, “today’s churches are doing very well at discipling new and young believers,” (Barna, State of Discipleship, 2015). And yet this same study says that 77% of all practicing Christians believe discipleship to be very important. We know discipleship is vital to the health and growth of God’s Kingdom, but we just aren’t making it happen. Christians want to be discipled and they want to make disciples of others, but they need tools, training, and mentoring to make it all possible. Zúme aims to address this very specific and timely need.

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